Choir Lions

Monday’s at 5pm
Homestead Bakery

Ages 8-12

Coffee House

Monday’s at 6pm
Homestead Bakery

Ages 13-18

Northern Pipes

Tuesday’s at 7pm

Ages 19+

Imagine walking downtown Barrie and passing a shop. In the window you see and hear the cheerful sound of 30 children smiling and singing in harmony.

Pretty awesome picture, yeah? This is one of our visions and reasons for starting Caswell’s Community Choirs – a series of choirs that spans most ages, with a special focus on getting youth out into and engaged in their community, and without needing to read music to participate.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, many youth find it “too hard” to take music lessons because of the reading component, and they quit before they get hooked. Using a time-tested “rote-method”, we will remove some of the early barriers to success and participation, and press pause on the more formal aspects of music training that scare away so many kids today.

Our goal is to lead, coach and inspire through a room full of voices, singing popular music arranged for simple harmony. These choir sessions will be crafted to excite, build confidence and focus on discipline. We will be constantly striving to meet goals and to put on concerts around the city, including our very own Meridian Stage!

Whether you’re a young child, a teenager, or an adult, there’s a choir session for you!

Choir Lions – Ages 8-12
Coffee House Choir – Ages 13-18
Northern Pipes Choir – Ages 19+

Interested in joining? Not sure it’s really your thing?

Feel free to drop in for a session. Kids and teens meet every Monday at Homestead.
Adult/all-age choir meet at Donaleighs three Tuesday’s/month (see Northern Pipes page)




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